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  •  ?? - Yn is ruled by the Thousand Gods and the interplay of the elemental realms.
  • ~2000 years pre-Founding - (According to the House of the Golden Scroll in the realm of Living Flame) The Sunderer invades the living flame and makes off with knowledge and artifacts of power, some of which are used later to rip away parts of the realm and seal the gate to Yn.
  • ~2000 years pre-Founding - (According to the Weavers of Izjathuun) Varuna Gemcloak kills the Thousand Gods and inters them at Pinnacle Gyre; in return, Izjathuun closes its gates, cutting off Yn from the Calculus.
  • ~2000 years pre-Founding - Bah-Eth the Nightbearer withdraws from Yn, cloaking his lands in darkness.


The Founding[edit]

  • Imperial Year 1 - The Obelisk appears, heralding the arrival of the Nameless Emperor. The reign of the Thousand-Eyes King is overthrown and the continent descends into anarchy.
  • IY 1-9 - The Obelisk grinds out all resistance and consolidates the continent under imperial rule.

The Imperial Age[edit]

  • IY 10-1014 - Life pretty much sucks.
  • IY 219 - The Treaty of Orvarrat - After failing for many years to subjugate the ogre clans, the Obelisk agrees to leave them more or less undisturbed as long as they do not take up arms against the empire.
  • IY 1014 - The game begins.
  • IY 1015
    • Spring - The Netherine Titan is freed in the course of the Seige of Ostnetherine, trapping the Obelisk outside reality and reopening the gate to Bazma Jyt.
    • Summer - Unrest grows through the land as elements of the Imperial hierarchy attempt to fill the power vacuum and dreams of fire torment sleepers across the land.
    • Autumn - The dreams of fire stop just as suddenly as they began. Many magical rituals and artifacts also begin to display strange behavior. Plague comes to Ostnetherine. Fragments of the Empire war for territory, resources, and legitimacy.