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One of the oldest cities on the continent. Ostnetherine is a large, well-fortified city that sits on the bank of Mercy Bay, a sheltered body of water that is the only safe mooring along a long stretch of the eastern coast and is also squarely in the path of oceanic trade winds. As a result, the city is extremely wealthy and has a well-developed entrenched merchant class.

The Siege of Ostnetherine[edit]

In the fall of IY 1014, Corbin the Wall, with the backing of a majority of the city's wealthy merchant-lords, declared independence from the dominion of the Obelisk and rejected the rule of the Nameless Emperor. The forces of the resistance were able to successfully repel the first few assaults by Imperial forces and it became clear that the city would have to be taken by siege, a task made particularly difficult by the harvest already having been stored for the winter, as well as the city's reserves of money and supplies in the caverns beneath it.

The Netherine Titan[edit]

Essential to the resistance efforts to hold back imperial forces during the siege, the Netherine Titan was a source of powerful magic buried beneath the city. When the Obelisk itself appeared in the sky over the city, the source of that magic had to be freed in order to release enough energy to snare such a large construct. Said source, possibly a MAGMA KRAKEN, dove deep into the core of the planet and has not been seen since. This will certainly have no long-term repercussions of any kind.