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Unified Info[edit]

  • Origin: Orc of the Eastern Horde, also known as the Skull Tribes.
  • Fighting Style: Defensive melee fighter. Uses two-handed reach weapons with a shield via Monkey Grip stance, defensive tricks (i.e. Warding Strike), and Taunt / Threaten.
  • Exploration Hook: Addicted to life-threatening situations.
  • Social Hook: These people seem to get into a lot of life-threatening situations. And they don't ask too many questions. May have secret dreams of wrestling the bear.

Character Summary[edit]

In a time without indoor plumbing and television life can be a tad dull. That's why Th'resh is an adrenaline junkie: a personality trait often mistaken for bloodthirst. Although blood does make a stout base for several prominent horde dishes. Locked in battle, where the tiniest slip means death, is the only place he feels truly feel alive. Th'resh claims to have been ejected from his battleswarm in the Eastern Horde for "excessively violent tendencies". Thrill-seeking behavior has certainly been his modus operandi; he often claims gilded motivations but, ha, more like THRILLded. No seriously, he would do violence for free any day or night; money is merely a convenient ethical stand-in and/or easily believed excuse.

While he mostly keeps quiet about it, Th'resh is also something of a military history buff. Large battles raise the stakes and are more exciting. Beating the odds against and amidst massive slaughter is something worth doing so he's made a study of it. Unfortunately he doesn't have the mind for applying tactics based on this hobby, merely a better than average idea of the scope of possibility.


Th'resh has long coarse black hair woven with THE BONES OF HIS ENEMIES. Or possibly bits of last night's roast. He has a deep gray-green complexion against which it is difficult to notice the facial tattoos common among the Skull Tribe. Filed teeth make his grin more unnerving than his more typical scowl. He carries an Orcish pike covered in spikes and catches. The lower half of the blade has broad serrations. The entire device appears impractical and slightly ludicrous, with tiered spikes and an excessive menace, all of which belies the keen skill of horde weaponsmiths and bladewrights.




The specific reason(s) Th'resh left the horde, unless you believe his dubious claims on the matter.


Th'resh keeps little in the way of possessions beyond his weapons and armor and his trusty steed Sek'falt. However there are a few items of note:

Gravedigger's Shield[edit]

Recovered (I think?) from the Imperial Resistance's vault.

A silver filigree brooch set with an unusual violet-colored pearl. Such devices are occasionally used by Imperial forces who do battle against the undead. (+2 defense, changes melee damage to Force, 21 rep)