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Ricros grew up in Istagat, in and out of Rom's slums and suburbs. He is a human, part draconian - imbuing him with magic (Adept Mage) and skills he has yet to discover.

Fighting Style[edit]

Ricros is fairly meek appearing in a fight, after years of avoiding them. He'll generally stay out of reach of his opponents, using his relatively new found skills to help him out. Against melee enemies, this typically will be summoning a Brawler spirit to help (Call from beyond) and zapping their strength (Ray of Enfeeblement). For ranged opponents, he'll typically summon one or more defensive charms (Enropic Shield, Magic Vestment) then use a mix of ice and arrows to harm his opponent (Polar Ray 1, True Strike, Magic Weapon) - occasionally even disarming them from afar.

Exploration Hook[edit]

Wandering is nothing new to Ricros - only the relative comfort and safety of the party. As someone that's never had a place to call "home" other than the periodic inside of a jail, wandering the world and finding new riches was never an option. Now that he's seen some of the sights and quirks he's beginning to realize how odd his innate skills are, and trying to put together some semblance of who his parents really were...

Social Hook[edit]

Why not? Ever since the fateful day in jail, Ricros' colleagues have brought more interest and variety to his life than ever before. Wandering the streets was never fun but it was all he had - the camaraderie of this group has become something of a family to Ricros - one he never had before.

Character Summary[edit]

Orphaned by his mother, with no known father, at a young age, Ricros has grown up with varying households and turns to the street often, but is a natural magic user - his understanding is generally limited to "things he thinks about, happen". In living on the streets and such, he's very scrawny and somewhat malnourished, but very active and acrobatic from avoiding the upset food stall person or two as he pinches some dinner. As he got older and come of age, he's amassed his prize possessions, a set of solid but flexible armor and a bow, helping him to do what he does best - hunt animals and somehow find his mark, even when his arrow can't be found near the animal.



As mentioned above, Ricros is a street rat. As he got into his teenage years, he found he had some skill with a bow, and "found" one at one point, letting him scrape by a living. Ricros is now 18, street smart to the world of Istagat, but enjoying the adventure across the world and actually having possessions for once.

Over the past 5 years, Ricros has slowly noticed actions around him don't seem to be fully "natural"; with increasing frequency, things he wishes would happen, just do, by odd twists of circumstance. Sometimes a sudden frost chills the rabbit he just missed with an arrow, or a bucket he would have sworn was empty half a second ago now is full of potable drinking water. Especially in the time he's now been travelling with acquaintances and fellow jail-breakers, he's been seeing this happen more and more often.

Unknown/To be discovered[edit]

Ricros is a draconian descendant. This gives him his innate spellcasting power, and makes him surprisingly durable, given his appearance. This ancestry is near on his fathers side, to the point where Ricros is the first in the line to not possess any obvious traits at the moment.


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