Red Conservatory

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According to Pinnacle records, an academy of music in northeastern Padash, on the border of the Shasahat desert. Tectonic upheaval buried it deep within a series of caves at the bottom of a chasm.

Within, is a library, a performance hall, storage rooms, and a dormitory. However, it also contains a hidden chamber housing a desiccated body, and deep below it is the Silent Fountain, an enigmatic pool of unknown origin.

Rada vost Ricter claims that "Conservatory" is a mistranslation of the pre-Imperial title koukinnos meva odiov, which more properly describes a bardic college than simply a music school.

The Prison Room[edit]

Hidden beneath a complex pair of locks and doors is a chamber holding a strange, preserved corpse, impaled on metal rods. Written on the wall is an ideographic script suggesting an extremely violent culture. The ideograms resemble a historical document being researched by Rada vost Richter, who has supplied the literal translation "In memory of sorrow the chains we shattered bind us to the wound our final lesson there is no freedom".