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Ester, the Baronness Verdant of Pinnacle[edit]

Elf, one of the last pre-Imperial aristocrats. She is referenced in the following excerpt from the writings of Bomor os'Fliegan.

Prior to her execution, the Baroness was heard to tell trustworthy witnesses that she had no fear of death, invoking the protection of the enigmatic force called the Tatterdemalion. There has been no recorded manifestation of the Tatterdemalion since before the Founding; those records that survive do not refer to any cults or mystical orders that made her (it?) the center of worship. What is known of the Tatterdemalion makes no mention of her having any role related to death or the migration of souls; rather, she is described as the warden of magic and guardian of the walls between arcane realms. This last claim by was therefore unusual for several reasons and continues to puzzle scholars. The answers to Ester’s riddle, if any exist, were surely buried with her and with those who went before her, but she left no heirs and the location of the Pinnacle Gyre has been long lost.

She was laid with a tome and was wearing an earing.