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Table of Contents

  • Act 1: Kingdom of the Blind
  • Act 2: Past is Prologue
  • Act 3: Brave New World

Setting Notes

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  • Istagat: South-easternmost region of the continent. Swampy and humid.
    • Cities: Rom, ...
    • Neighboring Regions: Padash (W), ...
    • Of Note: Evangeline
  • Padash: Southern temperate region with an inland sea, large river, and many fertile flood plains. Bordered by mountain ranges on most sides.
  • Shasahat: Large arid region. Much of the southern part is covered by the inhospitable Shasahat Desert; the inner region is civilized and prosperous.
    • Cities: Ostnetherine, Tahlforks, ...
    • Neighboring Regions: Istagat (SW), Bordermarch (N), ...
  • Bordermarch: Dry, well-populated temperate region.
    • Cities: Padlin's Ferry, ...
    • Neighboring Regions: Shasahat (S), Fimbulwood (N), Nar Pedana (W), the Northern Catacombs (down), ...
  • Fimbulwood: Uncivilized and heavily forested temperate region populated by exceptionally dangerous wildlife.
  • Nar Pedana: A broad flat expanse, home to the roving Skull Tribes.
    • Neighboring Regions: Bordermarch (E), Mavradas (S), ...
  • Mavradas: A heavily wooded temperate region in the south.
    • Cities: Jora (abandoned)
    • Neighboring Regions: Padash (E), Nar Pedana (N), Westmarch (W) ...
  • Westmarch: Center of Imperial control
    • Cities: The Obelisk (well, until it moved), Par Venat
    • Neighboring Regions: Mavradas (E)


  • The Alatahl Historical Academy
  • Telewyn


  • We are not the good guys

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